Join A Sub-Committee

Sub-committees of the Compassionate Impacts project meet on a quarterly basis, or as needed. Below is a list with the role of each sub-committee. If you are interested in serving, please contact Mary Cacioppi by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Collaborative Software Implementation

Assist with the roll out process and onboarding of organizations to the software platform. Ongoing software implementation, policies and procedures, as well as development of a replicable model.

Lead: Mary Cacioppi, One Body Collaboratives

Project Funding

Assist with identifying potential funding sources, including: grants, business community and individual donors.

Lead: Mary Cacioppi, One Body Collaboratives


Church/Faith Outreach

Assist with gaining the participation of churches and faith based organizations.

Lead: Pastor Joe Dixon, Rockford Ministerial Alliance; Rabbi Binah Wing, Temple Beth-El


Case Management

Assist with gaining participation by social/human service organizations.

Lead: Courtney Geiger, Goodwill of Northern Illinois


Community Outreach/Marketing

Assist with communications to key audiences including a variety of messaging and delivery.

Lead: Trisha Tousant, YMCA of Rock River Valley


Technology Team

Assist in creating the process of integrating data across community platforms.

Lead: Steve Kennedy, Insight Formation


Resource Directory

Assist in the creation of the online, searchable database of community resources.

Lead: Paul Logli, United Way of Rock River Valley




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