One Body Collaboratives began with an original mission to unite the Christian Churches to work together. Working in and with the community has spawned the all-inclusive Compassionate Impacts Project to help unite our whole community, including all faiths, to work together to help Rebuild Lives and Transform our Community.

The Compassionate Impacts Project utilizes a shared collaborative community software platform, to help support the humanitarian efforts of local church, faith, non-profit, business, government, and community volunteers. The project enables all community members to work seamlessly together to help fill existing service and resource gaps in our community, serving and being served together, helping each other to overcome challenges and barriers, to meet our respective personal and community goals, and to all lead a fulfilled and successful life.

One Body Collaboratives provides the management and organizational support for the Compassionate Impacts project. Compassionate Impacts allows community members to select needs that they would like to fulfill for their neighbors facing a hardship. From items such as school uniforms to furniture for a family in need, to acts of service such as tutoring a child or providing a ride to a doctors appointment.

All needs are verified and posted to church and community websites where they can be viewed and selected to be met by congregation members and community volunteers.

The Compassionate Impacts Project will facilitate collaborative “Service to All, and Service By All.” Transforming our community’s compassion from random acts of kindness to aligned efforts with impactful outcomes.


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