Joining the Compassionate Impacts project allows you to be connected to churches, faith based organizations and other nonprofits in the Rockford area. The platform allows you to enter the needs of your clients into a database seen by hundreds of congregation members and community volunteers who can be a resource to meet the need.  It also allows you to enter the volunteer needs for your organization, and mobilize your current volunteers to act of service in the community.  You can utilize the software to run customized reports tracking the acts of service your volunteers contribute, and will also be given access to the Shared Case Management allowing you to view family case records. 

Getting Started
To participate we need representation for your church or organization on two levels … This can be the same person, or may need to be two separate individuals:

A General Admin Representative - To help coordinate on the general administration functions and communications between us

A Technical Representative – To help coordinate the technical aspects of the database on your end (This person just needs to be Tech-Savvy … Not a programmer)

One Body Collaboratives will provide support in the initial implementation of the software to your church or organizations website, as well as ongoing training and technical support.

Onboarding Process (30-60 Minutes)
 - Initial meeting to set up your organization under the One Body Collaboratives city-reaching platform. 

 - Overview of Dashboard (posting and viewing needs) and My Account (approving members.)

Next Steps
 - Within 2 weeks of the initial meeting, identify any additional staff/volunteers who will be “Administrators” of the software.

 - Attend a Quarterly training session to learn best practices and meet other users. 
 - Create a page on your organizations website where your members/volunteers will view community needs and create accounts to serve as a volunteer to meet community needs. 
- Begin to promote the webpage to your congregations/members/volunteers; encouraging them to create accounts to serve the needs of the community. (Bulletin, E-Newsletter, and Social Media inserts are all readily available to be customized for your organization’s needs.) 

For More Information
For additional information on the Compassionate Impacts Project or getting started on the software platform, please contact Mary Cacioppi, One Body Collaboratives,
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Compassionate Impacts Project is managed by One Body Collaboratives, and is a project of Transform Rockford.

Get In Touch

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